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Amy's Health Kick

My dinner! Maple & soy glazed salmon and a kale, carrot and squash salad with balsamic dressing.
So many delicious ideas so little time

Lunch: hummus, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, feta cheese and parsley with olive oil, lemon juice and sesame seeds on romaine lettuce; chickpeas and kidney beans; 2 eggs

Salmon Recipes?

I have two salmon fillets that I have defrosted for dinner - has anyone got any ideas how best to cook them? I’m planning on steaming some veggies and mixing them in a salad with kale and a balsamic dressing (home made), but I’m stuck with how to Salmon to keep it exciting…

Successful few hours at uni

Then I decided to enjoy the beautiful sunshine and WALK home! 30 minutes exercise, bam. I am getting good at this again. Had some leftover beef stirfry for (late) lunch, and now I am going to get the washing off the line and chill out and watch some TV!